Saturday, February 21, 2015

Photo Fun / 1

Sometimes when I'm looking for some inspiration I play with my photos. It's an awesome way of coming up with a cool colour combination that may not have naturally come to me when I play with the hue adjuster on my favourite photo editors ( I like using Pixlr when I'm on my computer at home, or Afterlight app on my phone). It is also a great way to take your photos to a cool new level if you wanted to have them all be coordinated and cohesive for a gallery wall!

I usually save them for myself, but I thought I might start sharing some of my play time creations, just because.  Literally the only thing altered is the hue, it's not a photoshop trick or time consuming process. You just scroll the hue meter back and forth until you think the colours look good! Definitely give it a go.

PS: all these photos were taken on my phone, so don't feel like you need to be using the fanciest equipment to make something beautiful.






And lastly, who wouldn't want a cute little purple dog??? Sounds like every little girls dream.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

life's short.

Too short to not go on an adventure, each chocolate, or have purple hair. At least for a little while!


Nothing is permanent, but I am not one to take my hair really seriously anyway so I bought these pretty little colours at Sally last week and did a mix of mostly Lavender with just a hint of Azure mixed in to add a little more cool ness to all the warmth in my hair. I barely used any actually, but I did a couple test strips of hair and the straight Lavender was a smidge too reddish on it's own so I'm really happy with my little mix.

I also diluted it all with a little conditioner to tone it down from being too vibrant, and more on the pastel side (but not too pastel off the bat since it will fade naturally to that colour on it's own)


Looks like 2015 is shaping up to be my year of shape shifting hair colours LOL.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Love Day


I hope you are enjoying this weekend celebrating LOVE! There is so much of this in my life in general, but specifically this year so far I've been feeling really grateful for the people around me. 

Of course, even long weekends mean work for us. But I don't really count it as work when I get to do what I love and have my family there to help.

Playing with spray paint at Quesnell Heights with Wren hehe. 

My favourite little valentine.

My most romantic valentine

My two fuzziest valentines.

~I hope you are surrounded by love today~

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