It's all in the [pink] details

It's almost Valentine's Day! I know, I share a healthy amount of pink here already, but well, it is pink season so I wanted to share a couple small details (and one mint one) that have been observed in our house.

I bought a couple small boxes of matches at Dollarama to keep handy in the spots I usually have a candle. It was a pleasant surprise to open them up and find a beautiful neon pink instead of the usual red.

Illume Coconut candle, A Public Space magazine, matches are on a vintage saucer.

A good variety of pinks make me oh so happy!

Joe Fresh clearance sweater, similar old navy distressed boyfriend jean. (found mine in store but don't see online)

There is surprisingly little pink in my closet, but I added a few pieces recently which is making getting dressed fun again. I feel like I've been in a fashion funk for a few months now and instead of shopping my way out of it I've been trying hard to decide what I really want and need out of my wardrobe (is anyone else feeling this way?) . So I've become pretty frugal about any purchases while I sort it out for myself and this $11.94 sweater seems like a pretty guilt free purchase.

A couple little V-day treats for my Wrennie girl. She actually asked for a brush LOL, so I found this cute one and a couple hair ties and clips for her to play with in her hair.

Paddle brush and hair clip from Forever21

Latte Bowls in Vibrant Peach and white

Sean (and Ruby) accidentally broke a couple of my mint green latte bowls a few weeks back and now there's only one mint one left. So instead of replacing them I've decided a few pink ones amongst all the white would be a fun statement.

And because not everything is pink (mainly because it didn't come in that colour), I also grabbed this cute little canister while I was Anthro grabbing the bowls and a birthday gift. I have been slowly trying to organize the kitchen better and have been trying to also move to re-useable jars/canisters for all our spices so when we replenish we only need to buy the bags of spices instead of jars. I have been finding some great stuff at Dollarama for this project, I'll share soon! But this jar makes displaying and accessing the salt on the stove top more convenient, plus it's adorable.

Canister and spoon

I hope that gave you a health dose of pink for the day!

xoxo Holly

Seeing Pink

I have been meaning to give this candle holder I bought at Crate and Barrel on clearance about a year ago a pink makeover for what feels like forever. I loved the shape and we bought a couple for the cabin since Red was part of the kitchen colour scheme, and they were so cheap ( on clearance for $11 if I remember right) that I thought I'd buy one for our house and just paint it. 

Good intentions, although it just wasn't something that I remembered to get done. But the purge continues and I stumbled across it on a shelf in the basement while was rounding up my latest pile of goodwill donations this week and decided it time I either use it or lose it.

A couple coats of Ballet Slipper by Krylon did the trick.

A very festive corner, just in time for Valentine's Day. Although, I have no issues with proudly tossing around shades of pink and giant hearts any day of the year. Why confine it to one time of year? Spread the love!

[ heart print from my friend Jenna's store, you can find it here]

If you to see the little dip dye table makeover from a couple years ago here is that post as well!

A clean kitchen

The title says it all. The kitchen was a miraculous level of clean recently so I snapped some pics to update our Home Sweet Home tab further. It had a deep cleaning for the Flare shoot in early January and it has stayed impressively tidy. I think it is all our purging paying off. When there isn't a pile of miscellaneous stuff piling up everyone is more responsible about putting things in their proper place  (keys, mail, coins, batteries, etc. the stuff that quickly piles up without even thinking about it).

If you are new around here and want more info on the cabinets and our kitchen reno click here for an updated review after living with it for a while~.

The comfiest corner of the kitchen, where we replaced the eat-in nook with a little sofa. We hang out here daily and it was the best use of the space for us!

I'll be continuing to update the home tour tab over the next week or two, thank you for your patience if you're tired of the updated home tour that's been ongoing!!!